Exotic hardwood is an excellent material for your deck. Its natural beauty gives it an excellent color, and its lack of knots helps it look almost flawless. Its beauty isn't the only reason people love exotic wood; it's extremely durable and low maintenance. 

Exotic Hardwood Benefits

The word "exotic" makes people think this hardwood is considerably more expensive than redwood or composite wood; however, this is not always the case. If you consider all of the benefits that come with using exotic hardwood on your deck, you'll actually save money over time. These exotic hardwood materials' long-lasting nature is a huge benefit that draws in contractors and homeowners alike.

The fact that exotic wood is extremely low-maintenance is one of the most appealing aspects to many homeowners. You do not need to reseal it every year like many other woods; in most cases, you'll only need to reseal it every other year. Staining will only need to be done when you notice considerable fading, which will happen at a slower rate than with other decking materials. Most of the time, the only maintenance needed is a spray down with the hose or a quick sweep to off all the wet leaves in fall.

Another great aspect of exotic hardwoods is that the tree's resins naturally protects the wood from the normal impairments that most hardwoods often face. Other hardwoods need annual maintenance to protect them from moisture, rot, and insects. Yet, exotic hardwoods are naturally protected from these elements. They also tend to have a little more protection against the sun's damage because of those natural oils within.

Exotic Hardwood Types

Our exotic hardwood decks materials range from  Ipe and Tigerwood to Red Balau and Mahogany. Check out the information below to see which one would work best for you:

Ipe Decking


Ipe, or Brazilian Walnut, is a popular choice due to its high-class appearance. It is extremely durable, sustainable, and densest hardwoods, making it an excellent choice for your decking project. 



Mahogany hardwood is the top choice of many homeowners when it comes to the best wood for their deck. Its clear finish, no knots, and rich and vibrant color give any deck an elegant appearance. Being a softwood, it is an easy species to work with and install. 

Red Balau Decking


Red Balau is a high quality, sturdy, and functional exotic hardwood that is imported from Indonesia. This product has little to no upkeep needed, no knots, and no defects. Red Balau is 4 times denser than Redwood, making it the ideal product for high traffic areas. 

If you are thinking about installing a new deck and believe exotic hardwood would be the best fit for your project, let us know. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you create the deck of your dreams. For a free quote or to answer any questions, call us today!

Exotic Hardwood Decking Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is IPE The Hardest Wood?

    • No, it is not, but it is the second hardest wood in the world. Making it a tough and durable wood that has a high density that can withstand almost anything.​

  • Do You Need to Treat Hardwood Decking?

    • No, you do not need to treat many exotic woods. Because the natural tree resin that is produced by exotic hardwood naturally protects the wood from the normal impairments that most hardwoods often face. Other hardwoods need annual maintenance to protect them from moisture, rot, and insects.​