Weather-Tite Exteriors started in 1990 by Dan Jansen in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Weather-Tite expanded to Edina, Minnesota in the early 2000’s and Rapid City in 2012.


From residential and commercial roofing solutions, siding, windows, gutters and decks, Weather-Tite masters the many ways that weather can damage and devalue your home.


Dan Jansen passed in January 2019 although we are committed to continuing his vision and dedication. Dan’s daughter Danielle Guerts and her husband Jesse now manage Weather-Tite of Green Bay. Dan’s nephew Sam Chandler operates Weather-Tite of Rapid City and Brian Bolkcom leads Weather-Tite of Edina. Each location is individually owned and operated but share new products, practices and techniques with each another.


"Growing up in rural Wisconsin, we never experienced hail larger than a pea, and wildfires were unheard of. But here, our homes need serious protection from serious weather” – Sam Chandler


Dan and Sam first came to the Black Hills in 2013 to help a friend, a former salesperson for Weather-Tite. He managed a one-crew roofing team in Rapid City who was unable to keep up with local demand. Shortly after arriving, Sam experienced his first Black Hills hailstorm, with 2-3” stones pummeling area homes and causing millions in damage. He was shocked to learn how frequently and significantly hail hits our region and saw a need for quality workmanship and more durable products. Sam was particularly shocked to see roofers putting the same type of shingles and siding back on these damaged homes, knowing they couldn’t sustain the severe weather we see regularly in our region. Determined to offer homeowners better long-term solutions than those offered by out-of-town storm ‘chasers’ who arrive in the aftermath of severe weather (and then take their earnings out of state), Sam put down roots here in South Dakota. 


Since expanding Weather-Tite to the Black Hills, Sam met his future wife, Hillary, and they now have two little boys.


When you contact Weather-Tite for your home repairs, you’ll be partnered with a project manager dedicated to finding the right solutions for your needs. The Black Hills area experiences extreme weather conditions – hail, freezing cold, heavy snows and even spontaneous fires. Everything you love and need resides in your home – protect it with the most advanced and durable products. Weather-Tite will source those products and assign the highest quality teams to install them. We are service-driven, not a sales rep. It is our responsibility to recommend the right products for your needs, and repair the damage while also protecting your investment.


No other contractor pays as much attention to finding, sharing and mastering ways to protect your home from the damage of devastating weather.


Don’t just repair the damage – prevent it with a Weather-Tite Exterior.