Decking can provide year round entertainment, and add value to your home if done properly.  We at Weather-Tite are always available for free inspections and estimates on the best way to improve your outdoor space.

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1) Architectural- The most common type of roofing in north America. Architectural asphalt shingles are probably what is currently on your house or your neighbor’s house. 

2) Impact Resistant- Some asphalt shingles are modified by mixing rubber in with the asphalt when they are made. These shingles are made to be more resistant to hail strikes and withstand temperature variations better. Most insurance companies will give you a discount for having an impact resistant roof.

Watch the video by cllicking below for more info about Impact Resistant Shingles.

3) Designer Shingles- Not all shingles are simply rectangle shaped. Designer shingles can come in many different shapes and dimensions. They most commonly are made to mimic the look of wood shakes. There are many options out there for designer shingles and Weather-Tite has installed almost all of them.


1) Ribbed Panel- The most common and cheapest form of metal roofing. Metal panels are screwed to your roof and closure strips are installed to keep the weather out. These panels come is three basic thicknesses or gauges. The thicker that panel the better it will stand up to the elements.

2) Standing Seam- A form of metal roofing that is catching on in our area. Standing seam panels are fastened to the roof in a way that does not require screws to be drilled through the metal roofing panels. These panels come is three basic thicknesses or gauges. The thicker that panel the better it will stand up to the elements. This is a maintenance free roofing option.

3) Metal Shingles- Made of metal, but they look like shingles. Metal shingles come in a few different varieties. Stone Coated Steel has shingles granules adhered to metal that is shaped like a shingle. Other forms of metal shingles are metal panels that are stamped to look like slate, shakes, or tile roofing. Most are considered impact resistant.

Storm Windows

EuroShield Rubber Shingles- EuroShield shingles are rubber shingles made of 90% recycled materials. These are basically hail proof, in fact the manufacturer offers a warranty against hail damage on their product resulting from hailstones under 2” in diameter.
EnviroShake Composite Shake- EnviroShake composite shakes are a great maintenance free option to replace your wood shake roof. They are made up of wood polymers and plastic and significantly out last traditional wood shakes. Weather-Tite is the only company in our area to have installed EnviroShake products.
Quarrix Composite Tile- Composite tiles are made to look like concrete tiles but are made of plastic products. These are a great option if your home was not designed to handle the weight of a concrete tile roof.